About Us

We long to see people love as Jesus loves, joyfully worshipping, enthusiastically telling others about Jesus, and devotedly glorifying God, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Our Team

Rev. Andrew Hall - Senior Pastor
Rev. Howard Bennett - Executive Pastor
Rev. Nathan Reid - Associate Pastor: Cross Cultural, Discipleship, Mission
Rev. Jess Wiles - Associate Pastor: Young People
Andrew Massey - Service Coordinator
Veronica Kanlapan - Administration Officier
Dharshana Aseervatham - Schools Worker (Cheltenham Girls High School)
Nic McInerney - Schools Worker (Epping Boys High School)

Our Deacons

Alan Gravolin - Secretary
Wendy Horsfield - Assistant Secretary
Scott Brownscombe - Treasurer
Ross Low - Assistant Treasurer
Jong Byun
Christine Coates
Katrina Collins
Graeme Cox
Lucy Sullivan
Martin Todd-Smith
Jenny Williams
Li Li (Xu)

Our vision & Mission

Our identity as Christian people is determined by our belief in Father, Son & Spirit; as seen in the life of Jesus, His teaching, His example and our response.
We seek to be a community that is:

A community which affirms and celebrates the whole nature of God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Our services seek to reflect the breadth of worship in the Kingdom, so that all are inspired to live in the ways of Christ.


 ‘GO’ – forgiveness, reconciliation and transformation, local and international.
We are compelled by His love and take seriously the Great Commission and individually and corporately are committed to all aspects of mission.

Disciple Making

Serving, praying, learning and growing more Christ-like.
We are personally committed to growing in our understanding of who God is and through training and resourcing strengthen ourselves for His service. We value and promote prayer so people can serve God with enthusiasm in caring for each other.


Holistic and social gospel as one.
The Word of God is taught in such a way as to equip people to align their values, beliefs and practices to God’s kingdom.


Scriptural, radical, confessing and celebrating the faith.
We are committed to being distinctive – working locally and nationally within the Baptist family.


Confronting evil, injustice and hypocrisy in our world.
We seek to be a people of compassion, committed to help the needy and provide a place where the hurting will find Christ’s love and justice proclaimed.


Incarnate (intentional) work of Christ in the community in which we live and work.
We are committed to work as salt and light in a hurting world, seeking to use Godly influence to allow the Holy Spirit to change the destiny of many.


Transcending racial barriers, gender, class, age and culture
We value all people, children and cultures so together we may be built up to the glory of God, desiring the church to grow larger as we reach out to the world and yet small enough to ensure people feel a valued part of the whole through our small group network.